UP Academy is nontraditional online academy which aims to support learners through creativity, design thinking and practical skills with more than 15 years of experience. UP Academy provides learners with professional training programs and workshops, which will develop soft and professional skills and knowledge for learners so we are not only a for-profit academy but also your partners in success.

UP Academy will be with you to let your real interests and desires guide you to learn what you love and offers you more than education, help you to expand your skills with a group of creative professional instructors who gladly share their knowledge and experience with you.

We teach you Design in all fields from basic to Advanced, Our Instructors with experience more than 15 years, holding Ph.D in Design, will support you not only during the course or Diploma but also after completing the course by giving free training & Workshops.

UP Academy is a leading design academy in Egypt and Middle East that provides integrated design courses and diplomas compined with free training and Workshop, built on academic design studies, but meet the technology with creativity needed.We believe in providing practical workshop designed specially for design fields.  UP Academy aim to provide the most relevant diplomas & courses for the Egyptian job market.We provide excellent opportunities for students to join free training, whether you’re at the beginning or shifting your career, or if you’re already a designer looking to improve and enhance your skills.